Oil & Lube

Clean your machine where it counts...
No-appointment oil and lube service

Full Synthetic Oil CHANGE

  • Keeps pistons cleaner than conventional oil
  • Helps clean out existing engine sludge
  • Superior engine sludge and wear protection
  • Better low & high temperature viscosity performance at extremes
  • Better chemical and shear stability
  • Longer engine life
  • Improved fuel economy

Synthetic Blend Oil CHANGE

  • Oxidation stability
  • Controls high temperature oxidation and deposits
  • Helps prevent sludge and other damaging deposits
  • Offers improved performance & protection
  • Improves wear protection

High Mileage Oil CHANGE

  • Helps reduce leaks and oil consumption in high mileage engines
  • Helps clean out engine sludge
  • Helps reduce oil loss
  • Contains special conditioning compounds that help to rejuvenate components with the engine


  • Helps clean out engine sludge
  • Helps keep engines clean
  • Provides wear protection

Full Synthetic Diesel Oil CHANGE

  • Lower emissions
  • Fuel economy
  • Performance
  • Excellent engine cleanliness and wear protection
  • Improved low temperature flow
  • Reduced oil consumption

Conventional Diesel Oil CHANGE

  • Helps clean out engine sludge
  • Provides wear protection
  • Helps protect against deposits

Lube & Oil Services

Preventative Services

Transmission Flush




Power Steering


Fuel Services


Tri Service

Transmission, Coolant, Power Steering


Other Services

Serpentine Belt Replacement


Taillight, Side, Running Lights, Blinkers


Headlights (In Stock)


Battery Installation Fee


Air Conditioning Disinfectant Service


Fuel Filter Replacement


Additional Oil Cost



High Mileage, Gold Synthetic Blend


Platinum High Mileage, Platinum Full Synthetic


Mobil 1 Synthetic, Ultra platinum full synthetic


Gear & Oil Services

Rear Differential


Synthetic rear Differential


4x4 Service Front/Rear Differential & Transfer Case


Synthetic 4x4 Service Front/Rear Differential & Transfer Case


Tri Service Transmission, Coolant, Power Steering


Transfer Case Service non-Synthetic


Manual Transmission Service


Synthetic Manual Transmission


  • Check Prior Level
  • Remove OLD oil and replace with NEW oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Lube chassis if applicalble
  • Fill washer fluid reservoir if needed
  • Top off power steering fluid if needed
  • Check battery fluid level if applicable
  • Top off radiator fluid if needed
  • Check condition of air filter and recommend if needed
  • Check transmission fluid level and condition
  • Check front differential level & condition. Check rear differential fluid level & condition & transfer case fluid level & condition if applicable
  • Check and fill tire pressure to correct recommended pressure
  • Check wiper blade condition and recommend if needed
  • Check correct operatin of exterior and marker lights
  • Visually inspect serpentine belt and hoses
  • Check condition of AC cabin filter and recommend if needed
  • Replace oil drain plug gasket if needed
  • Check condition of oil drain plug and recommend if needed.

Did you know?

  • Your car uses six primary fluids: motor oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid.
  • Have the air filter changed on schedule, even if it doesn’t look dirty. Even if the filter looks okay, it can be clogged and prevent the engine from breathing.
  • You can’t just eyeball your tires see if they have enough air pressure. Under-inflated tires wear out faster and decrease your gas mileage as a result of the increased rolling resistance.
  • The chemicals in engine coolant can become corrosive over time, so they need to be regularly checked. Unseen and expensive damage can be occurring in the cooling system even though the fluid looks okay.
  • The heat from regular braking can slowly bake brake dust onto your wheels. Make sure to wash your wheels regularly to prevent staining or damage.
  • Loose or frayed belts can lead to much bigger issues. Having your belts checked at every oil change is critical care for your car.
  • There are compounds in bird waste that can damage most car paint jobs. Left too long in the sun, the poop can bake on and result in a dull spot in the paint.
  • When one indicator/blinker flashes faster than the other, it means a bulb has blown.
  • Many parts on your vehicle are interrelated. Ignoring maintenance can lead to trouble: specific parts—or an entire system—can fail. Neglecting even simple routine maintenance, such as changing the oil or checking the coolant, can lead to poor fuel economy, unreliability, or costly breakdowns. It also may invalidate your warranty.
  • Yellowish green, pastel blue, or fluorescent orange colors indicate an overheated engine or an antifreeze leak caused by a bad hose, water pump, or leaking radiator.
  • A dark brown or black oily fluid under your car means the engine is leaking oil. A bad seal or gasket are the most likely cuprits.
  • A red oily spot indicates a transmission or power-steering fluid leak.