3 Strike Form

  • Starting Line

    Rounded nozzles don't suck!
  • Load On

    This is a -5 now!
    (big barrel, little bucket, mitts)
  • Tunnel

    all chemicals at proper levels; no bad foot-valves; no empty containers
    barrel tops, hydroflex board, floor, hydraulic unit, no leaks, wheel barrel clean, no ladders, clean windows
    no missing curtains; curtains not wrapped in Side Washers
  • Drive Off

  • Finish Line

    Are we using ear pieces?
    And 7 radios active
  • Detail Shop

  • Oil/Lube TCC

    This is 5 points now
    (nothing blocking electric panels/box)
    Call out and test them!
  • Cashiers / Lobby

  • Office / General