New Disinfectant Service

Here’s the dirty truth: Your car is a breeding ground for germs. So here is some good news: this summer Jacksons is proud to introduce our NEW Disinfectant service. We take “clean” seriously. We understand how much time you and your family spend in your vehicle, so we’re introducing a new level of spotlessness. Jacksons Disinfectant is a completely safe, non-allergenic, hospital-grade sanitizer from ZEP that kills 99.9% of germs on contact. We apply it to all the high-germ areas in your ride, adding another level of confident clean to your

No other car wash in Phoenix is offering this service. Jacksons Disinfectant is available in the Ultimate Full-Service wash, in the New Taxi Mom Detail, or as a stand-alone add-on.

Ask a Jacksons Representative about adding it to your wash today!