Phoenix Rising Partnership

Redeeming is EASY!

  1. Pull up to express lanes at Jacksons Car Wash
  2. Select “ENTER CODE” from the touch screen
  3. Enter the date from your ticketĀ  IE: Aug. 8th = 0808
  4. Press “ENTER” and proceed through the wash!

As the official car wash partner, Jacksons will offer a free Ace Exterior Express Wash ($6 value) to Phoenix Rising ticket holders that display their game ticket at Jacksons locations throughout Arizona, within two weeks from game date on the ticket. Additionally, when PRFC holds their opponent to zero goals in both home and away games, also called a Clean Sheet, fans will receive a free Big Shot Exterior Express Wash ($16 value) available the following day of the match only with their ticket. Both complimentary washes can also be redeemed for the value of the wash ($6 or $16 respectively) and used on an upgrade to any wash package. Jacksons will be included in broadcast advertising, parking lot signage, stadium announcements, social media messaging and more.