Jacksons Cares

Offering Community Partnerships and fundraising opportunities to all non-profits and charities who qualify

A business is only as successful as the community it serves. The Jacksons Cares Community Partnership Program is a unique outreach aimed at achieving a new level of public awareness, engagement and support for local, deserving nonprofits and charities.
Whether providing FREE car washes for your next fundraiser, donating Details for your next silent auction, or simply improving awareness by gaining access to our millions of loyal customers, the Jacksons Community Partnership Program is built to provide a meaningful impact on all deserving non-profits, regardless of size or notoriety.


  • FREE Car Wash to be offered to participants, volunteers, donors, at fundraisers, or through newsletter readers
    • NEW 100% digital option for easy contact-less distribution
  • Complete Auto-Care Packages donated for silent auctions or other events
  • Fundraising and cash donation opportunities

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